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Sign up at Sportbet betting site today and bet on various sporting events using the world's leading online sportsbook. is an online betting guide, which is tailored for both beginners and advanced players. So, the big game is coming up – what do you bet on? If you're after betting on the big match, but you don't know what kind of bet would be the most beneficial to you, or perhaps you don't know how certain bets work; our betting guide articles are just what you need. Our guides are written by sports betting fans, for sports betting fans. We know the games inside and out, and we've got a nose for a good bet too. provides a comprehensive guide to finding great value in sports betting online.

Betting guides
Betting basics Betting basics

You should learn about some betting basics if you have never placed a bet on a sporting event before. These tips will help you when you begin placing real bets.

Betting basics
Asian Handicap Asian Handicap

Asian handicaps are based on a point spread or handicap applied to a sporting event to level the chances of winning between the favourite and underdog teams.

Asian handicap
Value betting Value betting

Bookmakers use player form and statistics to predict outcomes. When the betting enthusiast can spot value opportunities, an overall winning strategy can be developed.

Value betting
Mobile betting Mobile betting

When a player joins a mobile sportsbook, there is no fee associated with the joining. However, depending on the type of phone plan the player has, there may be a charge for phone usage.

Mobile betting
Sports betting
Soccer betting Soccer betting

Soccer betting has become very popular as the sport has grown in popularity over the years. Many people from Europe and Asia are avid soccer fans and will bet on their favorite teams.

Soccer betting
Basketball betting Basketball betting

Betting on basketball games is another way for sports enthusiasts to enjoy the game on different levels. When betting on basketball games, people need to understand some important things.

Basketball betting
Golf betting Golf betting

When betting on golf, the betting options are generally less than those available when betting on other sports and events. For golf betting, there are usually three types of bets to choose from.

Golf betting
Ice hockey betting Ice hockey betting

Ice hockey is a sport that consists of two teams trying to shoot the puck into their opponent's net. Ice hockey is one of the toughest sports in which athletes must be able to skate well.

Ice hockey betting
Baseball betting Baseball betting

Betting on baseball games and teams is increasingly popular, with the majority of bettors wagering on MLB games and teams, though many college teams and events also receive bets.

Baseball betting
Tennis betting Tennis betting

Tennis betting is one of the most popular types of gambling in the world. A wide variety of sportsbooks exist that cater exclusively to this market, and tennis is a top choice for many.

Tennis betting
Horse racing betting Horse racing betting

The most popular form of entertainment betting in the world of sports is horse racing. Horse races are held all over the world, making them an exciting way to bet on sports events.

Horse race betting
Motorsports betting Motorsports betting

Speed lovers will find excitement when placing bets on some of the best motorsport events around the world. Most bettors will look for bookmakers that offer bets on F1 and WRC events.

Motor sports betting
Athletics betting Athletics betting

The world of athletics betting may seem complicated, but after learning some betting basics, bettors will soon enjoy the fun of winning when the athlete of their choice wins the game.

Athletics betting
Winter sports betting Winter sports betting

There is no better way to enjoy winter sports than to bet on some of the greatest winter sports. Winter sports betting has become very popular and offers a large number of events.

Winter sports betting
Banking methods
Skrill deposits Skrill deposits

Money can easily be deposited into a Skrill account through a credit card or bank transfer. Some customers may have other options, depending on their location.

Skrill betting
Paypal deposits Paypal deposits

Having multiple payment options is a key to successful online betting. PayPal continues to be a popular choice for individuals who are making sports bets online.

Paypal betting
Neteller deposits Neteller deposits

The majority of sportsbooks will accept Neteller as a form of payment. Neteller is one of the leading online payment methods and many betting sites accept this method of payment.

Neteller betting
Credit Cards Credit cards deposits

If you need to fund your sportsbook account or remove funds from a betting site, using a credit card can be a very good and quick option for transactions.

Credit cards betting

History of online sports betting

Betting on sports activities has been around for ages. Going back as early as the 19th century, stories are told of people who would engage in betting, albeit not necessarily for the kind of sports we bet on in the modern-day era.

Most gambling was associated with activities such as cock fights and wrestling matches. With time, horse racing grew to be, and still is, one of the most popular sports to bet on.

The growth of the internet revolutionized not only the way we communicated but also how we derived our entertainment. By the mid-1990 the sports betting industry had seen quite some growth with several brick-and-mortar casinos operating sportsbooks that featured a larger variety of games.

The internet however presented a greater opportunity to reach a wider market and also diversify the services offered by sportsbooks. Several companies decided to capitalize on this opportunity by establishing online gambling accounts in offshore countries, particularly Antigua and Barbuda.

This was primarily because the island countries provided a more favorable legal framework for companies engaging in internet-based gambling.

First sports betting platforms

Following the success of online casinos in the '90s, the first online sportsbook was established in 1996.

Everygame lead the way as the first online sportsbook and its popularity rapidly grew globally.

As it is with business, the tremendous success attracted many other companies and online sports betting became a mainstay in the gambling industry.

After about a decade since the establishment of the first online sportsbook, it was estimated that the sector was transacting sports bets worth about $100 billion.

The use of the internet to place bets on sports events brought great convenience and diversity in the way people went about placing bets.

For instance, a new concept of peer-to-peer betting was introduced by Betfair in 2000 where the company itself did not collect the bets but provided a platform where people could bet amongst themselves.

This concept also referred to as exchange betting, is now quite common on many other sports betting websites.

Sports betting gets better

In addition, to survive the tough competition of this emerging sector, companies devised unique ways to attract larger patronage. These often included large bonuses and promotions.

Online sports betting operators offered special cashback programs, better odds, and loyalty programs. Such offers eventually decreased in number and size as the industry stabilized and became more mature.

The growth of online sports betting has however not failed to have its fair share of challenges. Internet-based payment and money transfer methods had similarly increased which provided an easy avenue for money laundering. The multi-billion-dollar industry attracted the attention of the authorities.

The most notable challenge came with the passage of the UIGEA in 2013 by the US Congress. This new set of laws and several seizures later greatly diminished the number of online sports betting especially in the US. Many online sports betting companies either closed shop in the US or opted to relocate their services to offshore countries.

Regardless of these challenges, online sports betting is still very popular globally. Advancements in technology have opened doors to better software and more betting options. The most recent of these is mobile sports betting which allows online sports betting through mobile phones and tablets.

Your Best Start in online Sports Betting

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Sports betting has become very popular. The odds, picking winners, line shopping, and how making use of online bonuses will lead to a profitable event if you're lucky. On the other hand, we advise all betting enthusiasts to take sports betting as a form of entertainment and not as a way of making money.

When it comes to choosing a sportsbook to bet on; it is advised that you read a couple of reviews about the bookie before you can engage in placing bets with them. Us, we take these reviews seriously and this is the reason we have comprehensive reviews on these bookmakers. Some of the things we look at when reviewing are banking options, odds available, sports available, and how effective their customer support is.

Come up with a budget

When you start betting on sports, you need to have a budget for the amount you are to spend betting. This will instill discipline and will go a long way in leading you to responsible gambling and avoid falling into problem gambling.

When betting, start with a small stake and increase this amount as you go on. When it's time to increase your betting, make sure that you have understood the particulars of how betting is done. The primary thing here is to make sure that you understand how to manage your bankroll.

This is your hard earned money and you need to spend it wisely. Once you have this in mind, look for a sportsbook that has favourable terms for your betting needs.

Bet with money that you can afford to lose. This means that you should not use money meant for your rent, telephone bills, or shopping. Spend money that's left after settling your bills on betting.

Types of bets you will come across

There are many bets that you will come across. In this article; we will mention three that are commonly used in betting.

1X2 Bets

The 1X2 market is the simplest in football betting since it involves picking the winning team. In 1X2 betting, there are three options available:

You can either back the home team, which is represented by number 1, or you can back the draw, which is represented by the letter X, or you can back the away team, which is represented by number 2. This type of bet is also known as a "full-time result", "match bet" or "three-way bet".

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline Bets

This is the kind of bet where you wager on the team that will win the game. This is popular with sports like baseball and hockey. You will hardly find this one being used in football or basketball.

This kind of bet pay's a small amount regardless of the points or the number of runs a team wins by. If you are to go for this kind of bet you need to understand American odds.

American odds are expressed as either positive or negative. When you have an odd represented by a negative, it shows how much you should stake to make a win of $100.

When it is expressed with a positive sign, it translates that if you stake $100 you will keep your $100 and win an addition of the indicated amount.

Point Spread / Asian Handicap Bets

Point Spread Bets

Point spreads are the most popular kind of bet and is said to have been invented in the 1940s. The idea behind this bet is to have a game close to 50/50 a handicap needs to be added.

When taking on this kind of bet, you need to understand that not all teams have an equal footing. It is possible for a team to lose a game but still make it possible for you to win a bet.

When making this bet, you bet on a team that you think will cover the betting line and not win the game. In this case, when you bet on the favourite, you believe that they will win and still cover a certain bet line. When you bet for the underdog, you believe they will not win but they will still cover a certain bet line.

Point Spread betting is basically the same as Asian Handicap betting.

Totals - Over / Under Bets

Over/Under Bets

This is the easiest kind of bet for anyone to understand. It is also referred to as totals betting. In this case, you wager on whether the total number of points to be scored by both teams will be over or under the published betting total.

For instance, in baseball, it might be over/under 9.5 runs, in soccer it can be over/under 2.5 goals, in hockey it can be over/under 4.5 scores in American football it can be over/under 39.5 points and so on.

Popular bookmakers
1xBet bookmaker 1xBet sportsbook

There is pretty much anything you could ask for from the 1xBet sportsbook. Betting is available on a wide variety of games, so players never have to miss out on their favorite sporting events.

Everygame bookmaker Everygame sportsbook

In the world of online sportsbooks, Everygame is considered to be one of the oldest. With numerous sports to choose from, such as football, players may bet on a variety of sports.

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