Ice hockey betting online

Ice hockey betting

Ice hockey is a sport that is played in various countries around the world and it is quickly becoming a popular sport among online gamblers. With an increase in bookmakers offering bets on ice hockey, this sport is the one to watch. Online bookmakers have recognised the increase in popularity and now offer a large number of odds and lines for each and every NHL match. On addition to betting on NHL games, bets can be placed on other ice hockey competitions.

Best Ice Hockey betting sites


Ice hockey betting options

While the NHL is the largest league for ice hockey, college ice hockey is also drawing a lot of attention. Sports fans are increasing their bets on the results of these games and bookmakers are offering more betting options. With a large ice hockey following in major countries like Sweden, Finland, Russia and Germany, betting has been on the rise. Many of the major online bookmakers, including Bet365 and Unibet are offering ice hockey sections that are completely dedicated to the sport.

The money line and puck line

It is important to realize that there are a number of different bets available when betting on ice hockey. There are two bets that are commonly made, including money line bets and puck line bets. Money line bets in ice hockey are the same as with other sports. Bettors will place a bet on which team will win the game. Puck line betting is another common betting form for ice hockey games. This bet is often referred to as the spread.


Online bookmakers will offer a long list of current and upcoming games that can be bet on, including the odds of all games. With the increasing popularity of ice hockey, more and more bookies will be offering a section solely dedicated to ice hockey, both in the US and throughout Europe.

The NHL draws the most attention when it comes to ice hockey and the majority of bets places involve these professional teams and games. It is also very common for bettors to place wagers on the outcome of the Stanley Cup, one of the largest and most recognised ice hockey championship tournaments.

With many online bookies now offering the option of betting on ice hockey, this sport continues to become popular and more and more people are placing their bets on their favourite teams, including the NHL as well as teams of the European leagues.

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