Golf betting online

Golf betting

When betting on golf, there are usually fewer betting options than are available when placing bets of other sports and events. With golf betting, there are generally three types of bets available. Bettors have the option to wager on a specific golfer to win the entire event, wager that a golfer will place in the top three of the event or wager that one golfer will finish in a higher rank than another. Regardless of the type of bet made, there are many top rated sportsbooks online that will offer great odds and fantastic payouts on the top golf events, including events in the PGA Tour.

Best Golf betting sites


Golf betting at bet365

Bet365 is one of the most popular sportsbook sites that offer many golf betting options. All bettors will have great odds and will be able to wager on events from around the world, including the European Tour, Major events and the Ryder Cup. Golf betting is extremely popular when one of the major events is underway, but bettors will place wagers on their favourite players all year, even if they are not a top rated player entered in the major tournaments.

Bet wisely

Reputable sportsbooks offers a complete list of golfers that can be bet on. In addition, the player statistics will also be provided. This way, bettors can compare how different golfers have performed at prior outings and have a better idea of what golfer to choose. Golfers that have not been performing well will not make safe bets, so looking at recent stats and standings will help when placing wagers.

At the best sportsbook sites, such as Bet365, bettors will have access to much information that can be used to place wagers wisely. In addition to having access to player stats, bettors will be able to see all upcoming events from around the world. Having the option to place bets on any event and any player opens the field, allowing bettors to place bets on multiple players and even bet in advance on some of the major golf events.


Golf sports betting has received a lot of attention since some of the top players in golf have become very well known, including Ernie Els and Tiger Woods. All online sportsbooks that offer golf betting options will provide bettors with important and factual information that is up to date and useful when making golf wagers.

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