The F1 Season is Underway! Get Ready for Round 4: China

Published: April 9, 2014
Formula One 2014 betting preview

The start to the Formula One season has been explosive. After the amazing wheel to wheel racing between the Mercedes' team-mates last weekend, nobody could call Formula One boring. Believe it or not, that is what people were beginning to call the new season, after the more silent engines, ugly nose-cones and other regulations were introduced at the start of the season. But not anymore! Last weekend, the Bahrain Grand Prix dished up a delightful race that had motor sports fans on the edge of their seats.

Diving into the fast lane next, is the Chinese Grand Prix. However, let's not bother with the odds of who is going to win the Chinese Grand Prix, because after the first three races resulted in wins for Mercedes' drivers, we know what to expect. Any driver for a team that isn't powered by Mercedes engines, doesn't seem to have a chance at the moment. Just looking at the gap that Hamilton and Rosberg opened up on the rest of the pack in the final 7 laps of the Bahrain race, says it all. Instead then, let us look to the Drivers Championship. Betting now could see huge rewards paid by the end of the season. Who is in with a decent chance of being crowned champion then?

F1 Drivers Championship 2014 odds

Niko Rosberg currently leads the Drivers Championship from his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Despite that, it is Hamilton who is favourite to win at Everygame, and to be honest, when his car is reliable he has stormed out ahead, showing far more skill and speed than his rival. Hamilton is currently 1.53 to win the Championship, although Rosberg is close behind at 3.00. In all likelihood, given the opening three races; unless the other teams find a way to improve their cards before summer starts, this season is over.

Defending champion Sebastian Vettel has had a woeful start to the season, and you can't always blame the car! Yes, Red Bull are powered by a lacklustre Renault, which doesn't compare in class to the Mercedes engines. However, Vettel himself has been below-par, as the performances of his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo show. Ricciardo has the same car but has been much quicker and far better, so the long-shot odds of Ricciardo landing the crown at 51.00, pay far better than Vettel's 8.00 to win odds. In our eyes, it won't be Sebastian's year.

Who does that leave then? Fernando Alonso is 34.00 to win the title, and his Ferrari team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen is 81.00. Neither of these is going to get anywhere near the top three, yet alone the championship. Ferrari are simply dreadful. They lack pace, they lack reliability, and most of all, they lack the engines.

McLaren could made a decent go of it. They are powered by the same Mercedes engines as the Mercedes team and they do have a former champion in Jenson Button, and an impressive rookie in Kevin Magnussen. Their odds are 101.00 and 126.00, respectively. If only McLaren could sort out their aerodynamic, chassis and reliability issues, they could be a force.

In all probability though, it will be a Rosberg or Hamilton success story this season. Everygame certainly thinks so, and from what we've seen so far, so do we! But what about you?

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